Saturday, April 17, 2010


Supposed to have a presentation yesterday, but due to some miscommunication with the lecturer, our group's presentation has been postponed to the following week..COME ON!!! I seriously thought of presenting after the second group as i already mentioned it to Myee..
Somehow, I didn't know that the arrangement has been made right after the first group had presented as i was busying discuss with Myee.. So, by the time we "respond" to Mr.Ramu it was already too late.But then, one of my friend 나를 비난이기 때문에 있으면 좋은 다음 주에 있지 않기 때문에 오늘 정식 복장 >
(p/s :
I purposely wrote in Korean language to avoid any misunderstanding from the friend since I can feel that she got little " beh soong" me..XD)

Sometimes, i find it very hard to communicate with her especially when I have the intention to tell her something that it is serious. But somehow, she just respond in a way that anything you told her has noting to with her. Walao..people actually seeking some opinion from you and you assumed that it's none of your business!!!
Frankly speaking, i really dislike people who often say " I don't know cause it's your problem and it has noting to do with me" when someone is asking/seeking opinion from you!!!!


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