Friday, April 16, 2010


I love Super Junior very much and it's a fact that almost everyone knows(especially my close friends)
Once i get the news saying that SUPER JUNIOR is coming to Malaysia I really tried all the possible ways in order to "see" them.
Everyday i spent time (drive, study, walking, eating) listening to OneFm and keep track on their clue or questions since Onefm is giving out the VIP concert ticket and I know the more I participate the more chances i can win. But still, i get noting in return. Then, i also try to look for another resources whereby i asked my friend to get "us" the Super Junior Concert and i thought I could get this job for sure. Again, the result was pathetic!!
At that moment, I was so upset and pissed off...So, I talk to my close friend and try to seek some comfort from them cause I believe they are always there for me. And, i love them ; P

The 1st person that I want THANKS is Yit Yee..She is my superb buddy!!! She cares for me..haha.
The moment she knew that I cant go to the Super Junior Concert, she actually came to my house and bring me lot and lots of nice super junior stuff.
She even made me the one and only Super Junior Notebook and two super junior bookmark!!! To me, yit yee is superb friend... "mou tak deng"!!! XD

All from Yit yee : )

The second person who is in my top "Super Friends" list is mayLynn!!! We always exchange our "opinion" toward the Korean Band. And, our topics are mainly about "Korean stuff, songs, or anything that is related to " Han Guk"....Cause we both love KOREA!!!!(although sometimes is out of topic la..)
Maylynn, you always said that you doesn't know how to "comfort" people but actually you're GOOD. At least, you willing to lend me your ears. Thank You, MLynn and 당신은 나의 좋은 친구 !!!

She gave me a "boom" during my 21st birthday!!!

Is my girls club members( Sze Ling, Hsiao Ling and Stephenie)!!! SzeLing, another victim of mine!!!I complain everything to her and hopefully she won't run away from me when she see me next time!!haha..And, Stephenie, is another friend who always there offer me a help.. She even help to check whether is there any Super Junior Concert ticket available at a "slightly" lower price!!! HsiaoLing, the most "talkative" girl among our group and she always give me a positive mind set!!!

Basiaclly, these are the poeple who gave me lots of "moral support" especially during the time when I feel so so moody and down with the Super Junior Concert!!!

THAN YOU to all my Super Friends!!!!

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