Friday, July 2, 2010

Obviously, YES and because
It's all BULL-SHIT!!!!

Monday - Gym
Thought we can just show our ID but the rude
Blackie at the "Subang Sport Center" doesn't allowed. Damn. Then, we were asked to wait for another two more days for the gym pass to be renewed yet NO NEWS.

Wednesday - Gym and swimming
Asked for the gym pass again and took the swimming tickets since the gym pass has not renewed. And without knowing that
SG gave us the EXPIRED swimming tickets. Hell, we only realized it once we reached the "Subang Sport Center". Thought the ticket collector won't noticed it but anyway he did saw the EXPIRY DATE and tried to "explain" to him with lots of valid reasons. Yet, he asked us talked to the receptionist see whether their management would allowed us to get in. Not surprisingly is the rude blackie again and she is like : " No ! No ! All SG passes and tickets already expired. CAN'T USE ANYMORE and even showing your ID also wouldn't help!!

Friday - Asked for the gym passes and swimming ticket and we got the same answer from them again.(I'm sorry that we still haven received the gym pass and the tickets from the
Subang Sport Center. Erm..maybe you can try coming next week??)

So will it be ready by next week??Hmm......

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