Sunday, February 6, 2011


Watched Great Day with the gang : )
The movie isn't that bad actually, probably it's one of the good local production so far as i seen.
After spending some time chit-chatting at KimGary, we then headed to KUALA SELANGOR to have our seafood dinner. Okay, I know it's a very random dinner spot that our friend - ShangShi had choose. We are random fella.really random ones and lame as well : )

As far as i know, there are two Seafood Restaurants which have a nice view of the Kuala Selangor River(though the river is not that clean and it has a strong foul smells. serious lor)But that doesn't matter because we were there for the food - SEAfood, to be specific.

Dined-in at Restaurant River View. First time trying, usually will dine-in at Restaurant Makanan Laut Jeti(next to Res.RiverView).Click here to view the post.

Well, we order quite a number of dishes and all looks great : ) But to be honest, we were quite disappointed with the food that we ordered especially with crab so small yet the meat is kinda mildew. Okok, lemme show you the meat.

Anyway, ShangShi insisted to cancel off that dish though the waiter told that they will cook us another plate.

And the Fried Oo Jian (Oyster) is kinda different from what we usually eat at the hawker center( In fact, this Fried Oyster is hard one not the fried oyster omelet).

Also, the prawn is kinda....hmm...understood la...

Okla, their fried rice and fried mee hoon is still ok. Acceptable : )

Basically, we were quite disappointed with the food but we did managed to finish all the remaining dish and i really thanks YitYee for the meal.

So, back here again for our second visit??Erm....maybe not : )

Credits to YitYee.

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