Saturday, February 26, 2011


It took me about two hours to reached there. I drive safe and steady because there were these two princes in the car : )

Tampin - my dad's hometown, which located along the of Negeri Sembilan-Malacca border. Whenever we have holidays, we will come here and visit my grandma. In fact, Tampin is a small little town which don't really have much leisure activities and entertainment. As far as i know, there's only one Pizza Hut outlet, one KFC in Tampin and even the hypermarkets/mini-markets are rather small but still Tampin is a good town. Apart from that, they also have these RM 2 shops that sell super lots of nice items. It's our favorite place and i even called them as the mini "Daiso" .

As for the food, well, in Tampin they have this Chinese Noodles called "龙江面 ", the one and only popular local food. It's actually like the Hakka Noodles but the taste is slightly different.

**sorry, my blog is not a halal blog : )

And, I love going back to Tampin visit my grandma, because grandma always pampered us with lots of nice food.


Of course, not forgetting the "Lou Shang" that we had in Tampin..Lolx ; )


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