Monday, February 28, 2011

Ohh, it's my beloved grandpa's birthday and also Chinese New Year celebration : )

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, my grandpa's birthday falls on the fifth day of Chinese New Year. Thus, each year during the CNY, we will sure celebrate grandpa's birthday together. This year too, we were here for ah gong's birthday :D


And, we were given a VIP room. So huge and comfortable.(**Plus, their service is pretty good)

Firstly, we had "Lou Shang". I'm not sure about the others, but for us "Lou Shang/Yee Shang" plays a very important "role" during the CNY. In fact, it has become our "tradition" to have "Lou Shang" in this special festive season. I don't really know what is the history behind Lou Shang but as far as i know it's symbolizes one's wealth, health and...etc(*Please Google for more).
Also, we have a very unique way of "Lou-Shang" whereby each of us will say out an auspicious words such as 财源滚滚来,心想事成,身体健康,桃花快快来 and etc while we doing the "Lou Shang". Although, it's just a simple "actions"but we seems to have lots of fun and excitement on that. Perhaps, this is what a reunion dinner should have right???

My all-time favorite- Shark Fin Soup

香妃鸡-huiThenG's recommend

Then, we also have Karaoke Competition. Maybe, I should let the photos to do the speaking : )

Choosing the songs.

The contestants..

And and.....we even have dance floor too..I WANT NOBODY NOBODY BUT YOU!!!hahaha

OF COURSE, the main "focus" of the night.." HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDPA!!!

Happy reading,

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