Saturday, November 8, 2008

finally we managed to run the "Global Music Carnival" with a fantastic blast!!!congrats to everyone!!1st November exactly one week from today's date~~i still remember the night before this event get started, everyone of us really spent a long night in college just to decorate the stage and poor little Nicholas and victor were busy carrying the table for us and as well as the Pa team were there with us too!!! it was a beautiful scene where everyone were working so hard with the same mission-that is to make this event a success!!(even thou we encountered some quarrel among ourselves.)*ahem*

well, the concert actually starts at 6pm but we actually reached at the college 8 in the morning , ~~reason for that is because we have about 14 cultural booths to exhibit.i have no idea why padma wana make this at the same day with GMC!!!:<.anywhere, glad that i'm in japanese cutural cause we managed to get fully sponsored by the embassy of japan!!do you ever know how lucky are we to grab the opportunity to wear those traditional japanese costume which i think not much people have try that before in their life.i'm proud to say that we did!!!
Anyhow,i guess it was a wrong timing to set our cultural booths at the morning and i have to admit that everyone of us were extremely sad felt disappinted about that..since it was so empty(100% are actually segi's student)
thank god by the time of 6pm the crowd started!lots of performances we had..somehow,i'm too lazy to list them out!!!and the event end with a dance floor~~~blast!!

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