Tuesday, November 4, 2008

hey friends,i finally have the time to update my blog~since I'm freaking busy throughout the whole week!!
participated in this "big walk" thingy at padang timur last month ago!! lecturers actually force the whole ADP students to show MMHA a big big support by participating in the big walk event!!!i can say almost 1/3 of the participants are from segi college!!! XD
i was very impressed by a few skaters from segi college who actually lead us from the beginning until the end of the big walk event~~their attire were so cool& i wish i'm one of them altought i doesn't know how to skate. of course i know it is not an easy job to skate on the road which have lots of slope and roundabout along the way!!!glad that they have done a wonderfull job!!


after "big walk' dad brought us to "pertama" shopping complex to buy jean!!!!!i have not been to this shopping complex since i'm 14years old..nowadays,majority shops that available in this shopping complex were mobile shops and also shops which sell branded jeans such as Louis, Levi's, lee cooper etc!!

i found a little interesting of this shopping complex where they use token but not parking ticket !!!







Levi's jean

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