Wednesday, September 17, 2008

because of you!!!i fell~
i chased after you just to safe you from know, because of you, i ran barefoot on the road and fell in front of passerby..

YES, is YOU!!!



Don't try to hide!!I've caught you!!

Hurt so bad!! :(

my dog smuggled out from the house when dad was opened the auto gate!! it so happened that there were two malay girls pass by my house, and my dog chased+barked after them and he was ready to attack both of them just for the sake of FUN!!yes, he matter who pass by our house, he will bark like nobody business!! further, both of them were malay and that's why i'm worry about, so i quickly ran out of the house just to chase back my dog!!lolx..and i fell~xxxx

thank god.i managed to catch him before he attacks the malays!!

anywhere, i believe that " barking dogs seldom bite" !! XD

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