Friday, September 12, 2008

~Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival~
*HAPPY mooncake festival*

~thursday night
had barbecue at chee wei's house..we grilled lots of chicken wings and sausages with our own "secret recipe"..the taste not bad ler!!almost reach the standard like those chicken wings hawker at kopitiam..Late at the night, whole bunch of friends went for a "LANTERN WALK".haha..can u image a bunch of college students were holding a lantern and go for lantern walk~~well it's pretty fuN to have this walk and it actually helps me to recall my childhood's memories!!
20 years i have been living in the earth, until tonight only i knew what exactly was the legend of mooncake~~
(-_-")i felt very ashamed with my ignorant of chinese histories.. for the past 20 years of my life, the 1st things that came to my mind when mooncake festival,it will always be the " chang er" story and i often neglected the presents of mooncake..i don't bother to know what is the origin of development of mooncake..for me mooncake is same like the moon-both are similar..well, ACTUALLY it is not just simple as what i 've been thought of..maybe i should go for a "china historical class"!!what the ~~~

mooncakes by Great Eastern