Monday, September 15, 2008

daddy i'm proud of you maN~~


my dad did car wash for whole day!!5 car in a row.two of my dad, 1 of mom, sister and mine as's not simple like just splash the water and thats dad really take it serious..he clean and vacuum every single part of the car even the engine too- until spotless!!! as i said to my mom earlier, that's the worst things to have so many cars in the house!!for the past three months, i will wash my car at least once in a week but nowadays i'm kind of lazy so i just wash them once in a blue moon.and you know, i supposed to wash my reddish mini-copper(kancil la but i assumed it as mini-cooper-sounds better) this afternoon.somehow, i was kind of drowsy at the time cause i just woke up from my lovely the end of the day, my dad helps me to wash the car also..thanks daddy!!

Anywhere,the scorcher afternoon suddenly become a overcast sky just right after my dad had finished washing my kancil!!raining maN!!lolx..all the hard work has been destroyed by just little drop of rain water from the SKY!!!what the-----

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