Tuesday, September 16, 2008

what kind of management is this??
totally abysmal ;(

recently, segi college had set a new rules that students are not allowed to dress skimpily to college( no short pants,no slipper, no sleeveless) and its apply to male and female as well.
i met a librarian yesterday and he was so damn annoying..he stopped me from entering into the library just because my jeans wasn't long enough to reach the ankle ..hey come on..my jean is above the knee OKAY and it already been stated there that only those who wear sleeveless,short pants,short skirt, slipper are restricted to enter the library.. i really have no idea how do they differentiate between skirt and short skirt, pants and short pants!!lolx.crap..they allow skirt but don't allow "short" skirt! OKAY,fine with that.what about "short pants" and "hot pants"??what is this about??if the pants is below the knee level then should be alright!!BUT--------(shrug my shoulder)*sigh*
i don't bother to enter the library anymore..even seafield's library is much better than segi's one.. oh ya..last but not least, the management of the college even enforce all the students to wear our students tag whenever we are in the school compound..nonsense!!!who really cares about this??frankly, i hardly see any students who is wearing the tag and walk around lor.i'll definitely ignore these kind of absurd rules which are set by the management of segi college..shit!! really causing me much perplex!!get loss------XXXXX

p/s: another pair of new shoes where i brought from time square already shown the sign of going to be worn-out!!

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