Saturday, September 27, 2008

Out of luck!!

Shit!! Hui theng is in a bad mood today!! xxxx off !!
I lost my ring.. I really have no idea where did I ring has been stolen by some rascal or maybe I accidentally drop it on the road side when I was rushing to have my supper yesterday!!
feel like chopping off my right hand..cause still feeling cramped. maybe I’m playing too hard yesterday!!eventually, i 'm using my left hand to hold the chopstick when I was eating “bak kut teh” just now!!so sucks~~~ I’m like a handicap fellow..
I think I’m gonna screwed-up my x-colleague if I meet her one day. Really wasting my whole day just to wait for her xxxx-ing phone call yet no reply.babi get lost!!Don’t ever call me again, I won’t pick up any of your calls! (mark my words)

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