Friday, September 5, 2008

lamp fell off
Hey people. Finally I am in the mood of blogging.. Before this I was struggling with the school stuff ~~ and it makes me feel so sick about it ~ what the XXXX!!
Anyhow, the spirit of blogging is coming back (swt)

There was a terrible incident happened yesterday in my living room. A lamp fell off yesterday when my dad was trying to fix it with the new one. Thank god no one is injure including my bobby doy (oh man! Finally I am praising my god for his protection against us)! The lamp broke into tiny piece and obviously the mercury power were spread out all around the living hall and I am force to clean the whole living hall just in case any one of us get “hurt” by those unfamiliar chemical substances !!wtf. Almost three hours I’ve been cleaning the living hall with dad and mom!!so damn tiring!! Flawed lamp spoilt my night!!!

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