Wednesday, September 10, 2008

another pair of shoe been spoilt! 3+1 = 4pairs

i have been called by the name of " typical shoe destroyer" since this is already the fourth pairs shoes had been spoilt beneath my sole! in fact, is the poor quaility of the shoes had cause me being a scapegoat.nowadays, the manufactory really scamp in their work just like doing jerry-bulid and produce such lousy and unqualified products to consumers!! experiment has been proven that nowadays life span of a shoe will not last longer than 2 month!!that's true, and i'm one of the best example you can see!!

i went to this "calvary carvinal" on last saturday. on the way back to the park car, one side of my sandal was spoilt!!so i'm force to walk fareboot on the rocky road and still was drizzing at that time!!actually before i went off,my mom reminded me to keep an extra pair of shoe in my car just in case i "broke" my shoe..i thought that will never happen unfortunately, it really happened on that day!! i failed myself to enjoy in that wonderfull carnival!!it's like a fly in the ointment~~(+_+)

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