Monday, November 2, 2009

Delayed two most important+ interesting posts and finally one of the post is UP : )

**This post might be a little boring to you as two of my buddies have already blog about it. But who knows, you may want to recall it back again??
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ShangShi's 21st Birthday Blast
So, the first thing that came into our mind is to give him a big big surprise yet memorable birthday blast and of course not forgetting to get him a birthday cake.
No doubt.we got him a birthday cake and we(kenny,mLynn,yit yee and myself) designed the cake.

*click to enlarge*
As the plan goes, we told shangShi that we gonna bring him to a "special place" to celebrate his birthday then we blindfolded him. Yet, the "ultimate plan" has just only began....haha...we do have lots of fun with him...
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Again, we blindfolded him : )
make him like a snowball*snowball*snow snowball..we whispered among ourselves

A snowman

My tempurung kaki(Kenny,Jman, sHui,sShi,yYee,mLynn)
wailoOng belum datang lagi, munLok at Singapore, huiThenG, as their photographer : )

shangShi transformed into a snowman : )

For a better and a longer version you may click on facebook


There's a second part of shangShi birthday blast which i think you'll find it more interesting
~Steamboat time~

Honey fried chickens..Any idea for this steamboat restaurant???
: )
Nerh...they are very famous with the chicken wings and everyone who been there sure will fight for the chickens!!!
Perhaps you got it right!!
Yuen Steamboat Restaurant


Just for fun : )

Group photo(From yy).
Jman and munLok, both not with us :(

Last but not least,
let this "Fight for yuen's chicken wings video" to cheer you up!!


jfook said...

Personally think that the chicken is a bit too thick. Not worth rushing and competing to get the chicken :)

Mr. J @ said...

why that chicken in black? heheh
Teringat kisah - kisah kecik2 dulu ..