Saturday, November 14, 2009

OMG....This is ONLY the 4th post of the month..
oh man..what have i done to my blog?????

BLOG NOT UPDATED and my readers have dropped tremendously

I sincerely apologize for those who follow my blog that often and do give me some time i will try my best to entertain you with my upcoming food post
please don't give up on me k!!!

Anyway, it's gonna be a short and simple post for this time.

Mint Humbugs
from Harrods Knightsbridge, London

A souvenir brought by our beloved law lecturer -Mr.Chong who had came back from UK two weeks ago. Talking about the law assignment that i did few weeks ago, i actually have got back the marks : )
Anyway, I'm quite happy with the marks i scored though it was just so sO


HuiTheng's recomendation on food ;

迷你太子挞 ( Prince tart) at Taman Seri Muda

Besides mini egg tarts they do sell mini tuna tarts, mini cocnut tarts too..


See you guys in next post : )

p/s: Chingu means "friends" (Korean language)

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