Monday, November 9, 2009

Korean Class + Phobia 2

Korean Class was canceled at the very last minute : ( Again, i missed the three Korean guys.
Since, we got noting to do, myee and sJiun suggested to watch PHOBIA 2. To me HOrroR movie is like a big NO and frankly speaking i seldom watch horror movie unless someone really persuaded me to : )
Without any good reason to stay away from this horror movie,eventually i followed them.

And, surprisingly Phobia 2 wasn't that horror as what mYee had just seen in the trailer especially at the last part of the story that really "blew us" away ; ) haha...

Anyway, it's still a good movie i can say.

Basically, the second part of the post is about FOOD. So, the menu of the day is .........

Pudu famous "Curry Zhu Cheong Fun"

Yup. This curry Zhu Cheong Fun is definitely not like the Zhu Cheong Fun where you can actually buy it at the petaling street though it's also famous for the Zhu Cheong Fun with chili sauce, sweet sauce and mushroom sauce. However, this Pudu Zhu Cheong Fun is famous for its curry sauce and so by noon, their Curry Zhu Cheong already selling out. Let's have a try!!!!

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