Friday, February 26, 2010

Tadaima (means I'm back in Japanese)

Yo, friends, how was your Chinese New Year???
Well, it was an awesome new year to me and basically i don't have the time to go online and update my blog for the past one week as my new year schedule is so packed.haha.And, I'm sure you all miss me very much!! Right, right??

Okay, let's not waste a minute more and i shall move on with SiewHui's (Daniel) farewell.
He's leaving for Melbourne to further his studies for a year and he didn't inform us about it until the smart yy found out : )
Without his knowing, yy secretly plan a mini farewell dinner for him. But too bad, munLok couldn't join us for that dinner.


We always have some funny and weird conversation between us especially when it comes to steamboat. And, we used to bring out shangshi's fish ball, however,during this time "porn"(prawn) has been added into our conversation. So, whenever shangshi saw the prawn is coming toward us, he will ask : "porn, porn"( prawn, prawn) anyone??? I think the people around us will probably think that we are mad.haha..But who cares??
While Shui is busy passing us the food from far, Jman on the other hand is hunting for the baby octopus. And,he said, he don't have to go sushi king to eat baby octopus from now on since it's all you can eat in shabu-shabu.
Kenny was so proud of his porky favour soup.mlynn finally get to taste the Korean kimchi but pity yy, she didn't eat much food.
Then, we went back to SiewHui's house again after the meal because we gonna have a "farewell ceremony" for him. And, we actually wanted to make him feel touched and cry by forcing him to give out his last "speech" before we say goodbye to him. But we failed somehow.

he was laughing at the tempurung-ies card.

Of course everything won't end just like that, we still want to play poker game.(p/s: no money involved)
We played Indian Poker.
It was an awesome game i can say and we laugh non stop.hahaha


*I've made him a card that filled with lots of joy and memory from all of us.

Take care, Siew Hui!!

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