Saturday, February 27, 2010

I believe everyone likes Chinese New Year especially the kids. When i was a kid, the festivals that I'm always looking forward is new year, because this is the only time where we can play fire-crackers and "pop-pop" and of course receiving "angpow" from the adults has become the main reason that why we like CNY so much. I still remember each time when it comes to the end of CNY , I will count all the angpow that I have collected and compared with the siblings to see who got the most amount of money. Grandma always " supplied" us with the Chinese pop pop and mini fire-crackers that made us so excited over it!!
I get very nostalgic with those day especially during my childhood and how wish that I could start writing diary when i was young so later when i grown up I still able to recall the past : )
Owh, I think I'm getting a little emotional now.haha. Okay,okay!!Just like every year, we went back to Tampin on the New Year's Eve where family members will have a reunion dinner.

my lovely mama..innocent look!! : )

The "soup" that we all have been waiting very original taste and is 真材实料.haha
Each time when we go back to hometown, mama will definitely cook us a lots of nice food (p/s: cooking is her forte) .We love to drink mama's soup and my parent always say: " Girl, faster go refill the soup, drink as much as much you can, cause once we are back to KL ,we don't have the chance to drink mama's soup anymore!"

mama got a new plant in her backyard. It is called - Luffa plant (丝瓜) and mama said when the Luffa is "dry" , she will use it and wash plate.

**fire crackers**

Nothing else we can go beyond this small town, so basically i just stay at home and watch TV programs.Oh, btw, they have this RM2 shop in Tampin where everything they sell is Rm2( all below market price) And, you'll be very surprise to see some of the good+nice items at this attractive price!!

Friends, see me in the next post ya!!!

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