Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lots of interesting food posts had been procrastinating since last year. And the following one's will be another outdated post from last year, October if I'm not mistaken : )
As i browse through those older posts, i just realized that I've not blog much about me and my family recently and in fact they are actually the one whom I spend most of the time with : )
So, perhaps this is the time for me to introduce my family to all of you and meanwhile I can bring you to travel around to "cari makan" . So does this sounds great to you??haha.
For parents 27th wedding anniversary which was last year, we went to Cheers Palace to celebrate : )

"Tai Xin Ban"(fish name) and is very x 3 expensive

Family I

Done with the anniversary dinner and here comes with my parents' birthday.
And, did you know that my mom's birthday actually falls on 10/10 and my dad's birthday is on 12/12.Yea, double ten and double twelve, is very easy for me to remember their birthday instead of remembering my siblings' plus bobby's birthday.haha. Last year, we had a dinner at Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant for mom's birthday. As usual, we invited all the relatives to come and celebrate : )

Karaoke session.haha.

And, as for dad's birthday, we had an simple dinner at Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant.

Few more pictures to go before I've complete all my procrastinated post from last year ; )
Sorry sorry, and please bear with me for a little while okay?

yea, that's my birthday cake and dinner.

Okay, that's the end of it and no more outdated post from last year.haha. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy reading it. Hugs!!

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