Monday, February 1, 2010

You know what??? Monday is a movie day to me. Basically i will watch at least a movie in a week because that's the only source of entertainment i have besides stoning myself in front of the computer for 3hours long which i think it's a waste of time ; ) Overall, I've watched 4movies in the month of January and I'm still counting.

So, i watched tooth fairy on Monday: )
At night, went over to Mushroom Daniel's house for dinner and fellowship as well : )

Mushroom 1 Chef Paul

Mushroom 2 Chef Daniel

See, what an abundance meal we had. A total of 7dishes and 1 dessert.

YitYee, the Super Girl..
On Wednesday night, I told yit yee that i wanted to copy the Korean Drama from her when i meet her someday. And, supposedly she wants to over and get my pen drive the next day but I was afraid that this is gonna trouble her so i just tell her that i will wait for next time.

And you know what happen on the next day?? I saw the *surprise* on the table once i got home from class. And, i knew it must be from yit yee : )
No doubt, she saved the whole drama series for me and also she has made me a super junior bookmark too. And, i like it very very much!!!

I truly appreciate it and Thank You Yit Yee : D

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