Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't follow rules :>so???
Mc donald in library discussion one dare to bring it expect me and man yee..(was thinking not to post manyee's pic here due to some personally privacy)sorry, that i have betrayed you..

this is how it will looks like during,mobile phone,chit-chatting are everywhere.

had two quizzes last usual i did last minutes studies.was glad that everything seem to be running smoothly.this semester is like a nightmare for me,i don't really enjoy my 3rd semester.probably is because the subjects that i took in this semester.death subjects.even thou the subjects may sound fascinating but in fact it is not so lively that I've though.
i was chatting with my friends today during break time, and we both realised that nowadays college is like a "death town "and less activities compare to last few semester.suddenly,i missed all the "noise".i missed those days where we used to have lots and lots of activities until we got fed up with it.then,i realised that the numbers of hi-bye friends have been increased recently.and is all because of one reason that cause us to be like a hi-bye activities = no interaction.

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