Monday, February 16, 2009

it means the last day of Chinese year new and also known as Chinese Valentine.
nothing much i heard about this Chinese valentine.
i don't see people throwing oranges in taman jaya's lake this year when i passed by the place.

as usual we had a big family dinner at grandpa's house.(our family used to practice this since long long time ago where we will have some big gathering as in like a reunion dinner for each and every celebration or event that we had)cousin sis supposed to join us but don't know why they didn't turn up at last.maybe they too have they own family dinner at home :)well, i personally think that it is precious and wonderful to spend time with family or get connected with those long lost relatives.This is how family should be like:)
of course, we get to taste the vegetarian "Lou Sang"and also the home-made glutinous rice ball.

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