Monday, February 23, 2009

today, i woke up earlier then usual.thought of starting with a feel good day.then, i waited for my friend and walk to college.
reached college exactly at 9am.surprisingly, lift wasn't packed this morning.still have lots empty space for me and friends to get in until we reached 4th floor.few Indian girls squeezed in like no body business and make us like a sardine :<
later, i went up to my classroom and noticed that the class was actually quite empty.just a few students were in the class.thought of traffic jam out there.everyone is late since i was stucked on the middle of road when i walked to college.on my way to look for a good seat i saw a note written on the white board and realised that class is cancel.for no other reason to stay any longer in college, we walked home eventually :(

right now, I'm studying microeconomics:) am happy to tell you that i falling in love with micro.




---- my 2nd original teks book on last Friday.yahOO~~~

-I've found out something which is a 不能说的秘密.

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