Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A long and dull presentation was going on.plus, it is raining cats and dogs out there.no one tend to question or answer so he take this opportunity to question us back. Unfortunately, we doesn’t show any interest on it and all remain silence(unusual day).wtf .*screw up* .
Class was super dark and silence than usual.maybe is because of the bad weather and also the dim light in the room that causes everyone seems so drowsy.David slept and I almost went “offline”.long hour to go~deep down in my heart, i knew that we won’t be going home in time unless “miracle” happen(i.e. blackout or building collapse)heard that blackout often happened in my college.but I had never experienced that before. my time shows exactly 6.30pm, but interruption is happening throughout the whole presentation.*time concerned*.

Was thinking to run out from the class suddenly, all turned black. Oh,yes!!is blackout.finally, I experienced it.(I shouted in my heart with a super high feeling).so, for sure he gonna dismiss the class earlier as we all wish. but then, he took out his hp and turn on the flask light and was intend to continue the lesson.anyway, he failed.(obvious la..so many defenders in my class)so, he ended the class by giving us lots of homework and assignment.wt…..

Pelajar yang rajin. just with a little help of the hp light, we able to see those small tiny front in the teks.

he too, using his hp light to read.

Study in the dark :) romantic

Hana Yori Dango - i'm addicted to it!!!

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