Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rest In Peace, Max

don't get wrong or not our friend and is not my dance teacher too.well,is actually my friend's dog-German shepherd.a huge dog.

he wrote something on his msn display message about Max.
and for the sake of curiosity,i sent him a offline message and ask for it. He told me that his beloved pet had just passed away on 19th Jan 2009(13years old)i was kinda shock when i heard this.cause i saw his dog sited in front of his house few weeks ago when i pass by his house and i didn't that will be the last time i saw him.i used to play a fool with his dog's name when we were in form5. i always tease him with another girl then he will tease me back with his dog. but somehow, i could never get near to his dog..
he was sad that he didn't spent much time with him(he's in England). and again, its remind me on how important the relationship to us no matter where are you and how far you go..

To Max-the dog. Rest in Peace

To my naughty dog-Mr. bobby-i ♥ you

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