Thursday, February 19, 2009

joined life group yesterday.and it so happened that the topics that we discussed is about relationship(note: is just purely relationship).then, i just realised that i've not been calling or chatting with my buddies for a long time.i didn't spend much time when my friends compare to last time.i'm being so selfish to them!!!just realised how serious it is!!!
even if i met them somewhere on the street, i will just say hi to them or just pretend that i don't see them.i know it is rude and bad to treat them like this.but somehow i just don't know why am i being so anti-social to them.
i met a friend in a lift few days ago, she say she have not been seeing me for awhile and i wanted to tell her more about my recent life but somehow my legs were like pushing me to the another, i end up the conservation by replying her a word : yealor..and bye!!(sorry).i really wish that i could spend more time with them and have a enjoyable time with them.*it takes time to get everything back to normal*

watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button after that.2hours 50 minutes the show runs.yet, i was wakeful throughout the sense of sleepiness i felt.kinda puzzle this show to me :)

p/s: hey sky_walker, this movie is similar as cape 7(literature type of movie). anyway, i still prefer cape 7 :D

-a good lesson i received from the life group.well done!!praise the Lord !!!

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