Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i have REPORT report card!!!
thought after entering to Uni-life we might get rid of this "report card" but who knows it still came back to just remind me when i was in high school where everyone used to have a report card and also parents day.well, i believe that in very soon ADP is going to have a "parents' day".arh..
felt sorry to myself for being so honest when I fill in the details in my report card:( i shouldn't have put my daddy's contact no and my house address.cause i'm sure that my academic advisor will call our parents to check out if we fail to perform well in the academic.*guilty*

for the first time, i'm actually paying full attention during class.cause had a little drama with my one of my friend so i don't feel like talking to her.anyway, was okay after the class end.

pyramid later XD
The curious case of Benjamin Button.

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