Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let’s celebrate!!
I’ve done all his homework just in two hours time before I attended his class. wanted to complete it on the day before but came home around 12am.straight to my bed after that.cause don’t feel like spoiling my mood by doing his business ethics homework.woke up 8something in the next day and rushed for it. -mission accomplished-

Reached college quite early this morning.was alone in the class.waiting for my friends to come cause most of my friends will be late->typical late comers mar.had class today.yet I still felt bored as usual.i keep looking on my watch and was hoping that she will probably set us free or just continue with her slides without further explaining.then,i turned around and realised that almost half of the class were like half-dead.only 4/30 students were listening(i counted)luckily friend bought her laptop to class.meanwhile, we watched some video clip and was having lots of FUN with her laptop!! XD

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