Tuesday, February 3, 2009

two-stops :)

just four of us :) we love to EAT..

went pyramid yesterday.was supposed to reach summit in time for a movie at 9.50pm. just 50minutes before we start our journey to summit, steven suggested to have some snacks.cause we felt a little hungry since we all came here with an empty stomach. so,he brought us to a Taiwan restaurant for a meal.thought of rushing for the movie after finished our meal in that taiwan restaurant, yet we dropped ourselves at a dessert stall to have some invigorant since four of us was fascinated by the varieties of desserts that are available in this stall.especially the one with birdnest+sago+mango that seems like a seduce to us.without thinking further(even thou we knew we were running out of time) we went in and ordered a few.so, we end up happily enjoying the and food at Asia avenue until we were 30minutes late for the movie.(glad that we still able to watch the movie.was laughing throughout the movie.Crazies****

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