Saturday, September 11, 2010

*Selamat Hari Raya*

I love festive season
and sometimes I do feel glad that I'm living in a multicultural country whereby I'm able to celebrate three different festivities throughout the year but frankly speaking it is the Malaysian Cuisine that I'm falling for. For example during Chinese New Year we have "Yee Sang"(Lou Sang), Hari Raya we have ketupat or rendang and whereas during Deepavali we have murukku.
Well, maybe you may think these are the common food that we could easily get it from everywhere and anytime but in fact all these actually represent the 3main festive food among the 3 cultures in Malaysia(Chinese, Malay and Indian)
So, let me introduce to you some of the delicious food that you shouldn't missed out when you go visit the Bazaar Ramadan at SS18.

No. 1 Baked Potato
Firstly, is the Uncle Jilli's Pocket Potato(one of my favourite). The last time i ate this was during last year Ramadan at SS18 Bazaar Ramadan and I totally love it from the first bite. This year, i dropped by SS18 Bazaar Ramadan and hunt for this Uncle Jilli's Baked Pocket Potato and yes I've found it and this time they came with some new favour too ;)
Without any hesitate, I , myself bought 3 of of the baked potatoes.

Smoky sausage, paradise xxxx and island xxxxx (Sorry that I can't remember the favour)

No.2 Murtabak
Murtabak, another "must try" food ; ) The Azim Murtabak SS18 stall is forever packed with people. But sometimes people can just line up for the sake of lining. Anyway, i heard it is one of the best in SS18 or even in Subang Jaya. And well, it's true ; )

No. 3 Kuih Jala
I'm pretty sure that most of you have tried the "Kuih Jala" before. It's a popular traditional food among the Kelantan and Terrengagu and besides that kuih jala is made from a simple ingredient which is egg yolk and boiled sugar water.
And usually, kuih jala is served together with the curry gravy ; )

Kuih Jala

Alright, that's all for now. Stay tuned for more post ; )


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