Friday, September 17, 2010

This is the second I'm using "Bull Shit" as my blog title.Sorry, I can't think of other words because they are just bull shit!!

This morning i went to the USJ 9 CIMB to RENEW as well as UPDATE my account book(s). I asked the staff at info counter if i want to renew my account book which counter should i go and she then give me number and asked me to wait at the customer service counter which is counter no. 10. But then, I though renewing should be done at the transaction counter not at customer service as CS(Cutsomer service) staff told me few days ago when i wanted to renew my account book(But i didn't do so because I was in a hurry and thought of coming another day).

To make sure that I'm actually waiting at the RIGHT counter, i asked the staff at info counter again whether renewing account book can be done at CS counter.

" Yes, renewing is done at the CS counter." She answered me firmly.

"Are you sure?? Because that day the guy told me that it must be done at the transaction counter but not CS counter". I told her.

" Yes. I can assured you that renewing account book is done at the CS counter. If he said can't then you ask him to see the "Boss"! She replied.

Okay, that means i just need to wait for another 6more customers until my turn.

5minutes...10 minutes....(*feeling frustrated* because the number is still not moving)

Another 10minutes past...(*beh tahan*+ *beh soong* so i went and asked the info counter to reconfirm with them regarding the renewing because the Q is freaking slow though there are only few numbers to go)

And, i got the same reply from another staff : "Renewing is at CS counter."(Remember, this is already the third time I'm asking the same question. Yea, I know I'm very fussy but actually I just want to get things done correctly and also fast and efficient!!)

40 minutes past...(I'm seriously getting pissed off and I even saw the CS staff is taking his own sweet time "talking" with the customer which i think it is kinda wasting time.)

Then ,I stood up and stand in front of the counter.(*My face is turning a little "dark")

Finally, after one hour of "WAITING" my number was being called and i told the guy that I want to renew and update the account book(s)..

And, HELL.....He told me that renewing account book must be done at the transaction counter and he asked me to get another number and re-wait for don't know how many bloody hour again.

WTH!!After waiting for one hour, now only you tell me is not at this counter. And, the info counter already triple conformed with me that it is at CS counter. What is this about??I told him angrily with a super super *dark* face. at transaction counter and you have to take another number and wait. And, you can see there are so many customers here so renewing cannot be done at here." He answered.

And, i betul betul "dulan" already so i grabbed my account book and went to the info counter immediately to "complaint". With the face expression and the tone I'm having, she could sense that I'm actually very "dulan" so she helped me to renew my account book on the spot and apologize for the inconvenience cause.

As a conclusion, I've spent 1 hour and 15minutes just to renew my account book(s) and the worst things is there are only six number to go before my turn. Can you image, it's just a simple things like renew an account book yet it took me about an hour!!!

In fact,they are just slow, lazy and irresponsible.

And you know what?? Renew IC is even faster than renew my account book!!


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