Saturday, May 29, 2010

welcome back folks


I just feel the urge to update my blog and I know I must do it before you start to "abandon" my blog..
Have been watching Lerd Hong Phoenix's blood (Thai drama) recently and I'm super duper in love with this Thai drama. I never thought that I could watch this drama all over again. Yeah man, the feeling is super cool and excited!!
I've been trying so hard to search for this Thai drama ever since the last time I watched which was 8 years ago. You know la, my parent were strict at that time and they don't encouraged us to watch all these love/romance drama besides the educational programs. So, what i usually did when TV3 was about to broadcast this drama, i will smuggled the portable tv into my room and watched it until the show ended.
I love the whole drama very very much either the storyline or the actors and actress in this drama had made me so into it. And, i think Phoenix's blood was the very first drama that I've watched in my life. My first love drama!!

These few days as i browsed through the related websites and links, i only realized that there's a new version of phoenix's blood from Thai as well. Yet, I prefer the old one because the actors and actresses are more outstanding when compare to the new ones.
Anyway, I'm abit disappointed since I couldn't find a complete English sub for this drama which means I'm force to watch/listen to Thai language . So most of the time I have to guess what are they saying by referring to the synopsis. I'm not acquaint with Thai language but hopefully I can learn little by little from this drama.


**Do you realized that I've actually change my music hall's song from love u to a Thai song.Yup, is the theme song for Phoenix's blood called Pieng Neung Kum!!Do check out the lyric, it's meaningful!!

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