Friday, August 14, 2009

StephanieL, another gourmet friend ; )
Nice food is what we always look for and Seoul Garden is our lunch today.

Day 2 in Bangkok

*click to enlarge*
see what's the different between the cables in Thailand and Malaysia.

Tiger Zoo in Bangkok. Tiger show, piggy run,crocodile wrestling show and sow feeding tiger cubs are their main attractions.
scorpion lady

Ms. Crocodile

i wanna try that too

Mr. Saba is pulling crocodile's tongue
Sriracha Tiger Zoo. These tigers are as smart as my bobby dog ; )

Barbie - Math A1.haha.

pig mama and tiger cub. i saw the pig mama kick the tiger cub so hard when he drinks milk : (

piggy on track : )

The best part - ALCAZAR SHOW( Ladyboy/Ah Gua show) at Pattaya
The three must try,must see, must go in Pattaya- Parachute, ladyboy show,pattaya beach

photo session with the pretty "laddies"
?? 40Bath(RM4) or more ; )
the most biggest size lady boy

*click to enlarge*
so leng lui and so feminine.
hard too differentiate whether they are male or female.

two faces performance.Thumbs up!!!

AWESOME.BEST me 800 baht(RM80) for one hour show is absolutely worth it.
Don't miss it!! ; )

**coming up next : Pattaya beach, parachute

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