Wednesday, August 12, 2009


**Although the H1N1 cases in Thailand is increasing day-by- day. Somehow, i don't see people wearing mask besides those cleaners and tuk-tuk drivers.
Dad actually stuff in few masks for me before i leave and he keep reminding me to wear mask whenever i go and wash hand frequently. To him, **hygiene**is very important : )
But still, i didn't use the mask during my days in Bangkok.

2nd day in Bangkok.


This door is the sign of china town.

1st stop : Chaophaya river.
Wat Arun also known as Temple of Dawn.
floating house

Royal Hospital

you won't find these "bak shou kong" fish at anywhere but infront of the temple. tour guide said these "bak shou kong" fish know where is the right place to seek god's protection.

After enjoying the Chaopraya river cruise, we proceed to Phra Promh-the famous Four-Face Buddha at Bangkok city. It is a "must" to visit this famous Four-Face Buddha.

**coming up next , crocodile wrestling show, piggy run, tiger show..

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