Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yo, folks!!!How are you today??
Well, it has been awhile that I didn't share my "words" here...
Maybe you may think that they are just some travail things which are not worth it to be mentioned. In fact, they consist lots of precious and meaningful memories of mine, just like the following one " Mission Trip"..

Joined a local mission trip last month. Like i said, it was awesome to spend such a wonderful time with a bunch of brothers and sisters that have one purpose heart which is to go and make disciple of all nation. XD

The journey to Sg.Buloh Kg Orang Asli isn't that long actually and it only takes about 45minutes to reach. Unfortunately, we lost of way since the beginning of the journey and it seems like we had accidentally used a different route. hmm..of course, it shouldn't be a problem if we know where is the place( Kg. Orang Asli). However, none of us know where the place is but thank god by the faith we had in god, we still able to meet up catch up with the rest..

Finally, we reached there around 3pm and soon after we unloaded all the stuff into the hall because we went for a jungle trekking and we were all bustling with noise and excitement. After spending few hours enjoying the mother nature, we then headed back to the starting point and get ready for the barbecue session together with the local people.

Chicken wings

Ammi and Abbi

Well, I believed all of us had a great time sharing god's words together!!!

Once again, Glory to The Almighty God!!

**Photographer : Sean Hoo

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