Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday , Stephenie…

“point heart” with buddies in this early morning. I know you will be wondering what is “point heart” ? may ask ssLee for the meaning. He will explain everything to you.

This time only yitYee, ssLee, mayLynn and me (the semangat four) went for “ point heart” and the rest sudah hilang diri ; ) From 8.30am eat till 11am. Wanted to stay a little longer, unfortunately mlynn has lab test at 12pm and she have to get back home before 11.20am otherwise she will be LATE for her lab test. Good Luck!

Went Neway with my HRM ex-group mates in the afternoon. sLing, the k-girl, she brought her nine year old brother to come and join us. mYee- the only banana, prepared her own Chinese translated lyrics book and sing.( another semangat fella. Salute!!)

Tracey, the microphone girl.Cammy,the new friend. hThenG, the camera girl and of course, Stephenie, the happy-go-lucky one. Also, we had a surprise birthday celebration for Stephenie.

After the karaoke session Stephenie sent me home and we get stuck in the traffic jam for at least an hour. Is just a short distance from the mesiniaga junction to the metropolitan roundabout but it actually took us an hour to reach that roundabout. The cars are NOT MOVING at all. By the time we reached summit is already 7.30pm and I felt so sorry to Stephenie cause I’m the one who lead the way.

Traffic is not moving.

weEe..parents is going off to Sarawak and my sis pulak fly to Taiwan. Home alone with two sisters and my dogie Bob. Yeah, home-cooked steamboat with my siblings tonight.

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