Friday, January 30, 2009

vegetable wrap together with chicken, rice, and meat~~~grandfather ate this way, dad also ate this way, and i do so :)



me with the thick specs

suddenly doesn't know what to blog about??;} three more days to go before i get everything back to, dinner and wasting time but no gamble this year.never think of my homework.assignment still blank.i'm really not in the mood of starting it and have no idea what tittle should i choose for my research paper.-dead-was having a overseas phone conversation with my Taiwanese cousin yesterday.had a little harsh time talking with my cousin who is a know la.Malaysia Chinese all campur with Cantonese and mix up with some english, they don't really get what am i trying to convey to them. plus, my every own mother tongue and my knowledge of the Chinese vocabulary is not so wide.(feel shame of myself)anyway, enjoy talking with them and glad that we never end up like "chicken and duck talk" :] followed my mom to visit her friend at Grand Ville this afternoon,damn huge her house and most importantly the amount in angpow also big :>saw pn.ung's new house too.

signing off soon.cause need prepare for dinner later.

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